Top Ten Things to do this Spring and Summer


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Looking for something new to do this spring and summer? Here is my top ten list of things to do. I hope you find something on this list that interests you. Whatever you do this spring and summer have fun and please write back and tell me your stories.

1. Visit a Vineyard or take a wine tour

Vineyards are a great place to relax, meet friends and taste some great wine. Some even have live music so you can sit back and enjoy the day. Here are some of my favorite vineyards and wineries. You can even Google search “wine tours” and there are companies that organize the tour so all you have to do is sign up and pay your tour fee and then the entire day is planned for you. Sounds like fun to me.

Some of my favorites:

Or find some of your own favorites at this link:

Wine Tours in NC

2. Yard Sale Hop

Yard sales can be so much fun and you never know what you might find. They can also be great for networking with others. The key is to plan your day and map your route so you hit as many as you can from 6am until around 11am. Yard sales are usually over by 11an but some will run late. The best items are usually found early so get an early start; grab a Bojangles’ biscuit (if you have a Bojangles’ in your area) and head on your way. Here’s a neat website I found to find and also list yard sales. Also, check your local newspaper; there are usually a lot of listings starting this time of year. Have fun!

3. Plant flowers

Planting flowers is sometimes therapeutic or you may just really enjoy working with flowers. I know I do and wish I could do more of it. I found some really great videos on planting flowers. Now get out in the sunshine and have some fun making your yard great looking and your neighbors jealous.—The-Home-Depot-118181006

4. Take your kids on a picnic

Most kids have never been on a picnic. Some of the best memories I have as a child is going to the Smoky Mountains with my parents and having a picnic on a picnic table along the side of the winding road. They’ll think it’s boring at first but trust me, they will remember it and talk about it for a long time and may even ask to go back with you. Kids enjoy their time with their parents, they’ll just never admit to it. Let them talk to you without interruptions, they’ll feel important.

5. Go somewhere you’ve never been

It doesn’t have to be an extravagant trip or even expensive. Most people have never been to a number of places within a hundred mile radius of their home. Do research on your area and see what you are missing. Sometimes you don’t have to go far to see something new.

If you want to travel, Google search your destination or visit some of these websites:

6. Teach an elderly person to use the internet.

Teaching someone to use a computer and the internet can be very rewarding. If you know an older person that just got a computer and the internet, take time to teach them what you know. Here are some helpful internet teaching articles listed below:

7. Find New Music – Order a CD by an Independent Artist

Support your local and independent Artists/Singers/Songwriters. Yes, I’m one and this is added to the list to help support artists just like me who are out there trying to make a living giving part of themselves to the public. Music is a much needed part of our lives. We work to it, drive to it, eat with it in the background, dance to it, take a shower to it and just have it around all the time. Songs help us remember parts of our life and bring back memories.

I could write a whole column on ‘Independent Artists’ and the ‘Music Industry’ but that will have to be a later post. The important thing to know is that local and Independent Artists need your support. They don’t have the radio to get their music out, they (we) need people talking about it, passing it to their friends, talking about it on social networks and sharing it with whoever will listen. Reverb Nation is a great place to find independent artists and new music that you’ve never heard. Make a point to find some close to you. Buy their CD and attend their shows – it’s a great way to meet new people and discover something new. I couldn’t list everyone, sorry, but here are a few of my favorite Independent Artists in the country world in no particular order:

Find more new music at Reverb Nation:

8. Get a new hair-do

Hairstyles constantly change and if you are like me, I really don’t care what the style is I care what my style is, but there is a time that you just need a change. Sometimes change can give us new ideas and even make our world seem a little brighter. It also brings attention to you which you may welcome. Checkout the new 2012 hairstyles and maybe there’s one that trips your trigger. I might even take a gander.–2012-hairstyles-2012-haircuts-2012-hair-trends-4338.html

9. Start a new hobby

Maybe it’s a new hobby that you need to make your day brighter. You can even involve your kids and make it a family project or hobby. Whatever the hobby, make it fun and lasting. You never know, it could turn into your next occupation.

10. Start a group or circle of people that like to do the same things and pre-plan 4-5 weekend outings or evenings out.

Sometimes people just want to socialize with other people that are similar to them but never can get together on schedules because everything is done last minute. Here’s an idea for those of you that like to plan things. Make a list of 4-6 people or couples that like to do the same things and plan 4-5 weekend outings or evenings to go and do these activities together. Have a small get-together at you house so everyone can have input on what the activities will be, let everyone get in on the creative process. Of course you’ll have to have a leader that gets all the facts, collects the money, makes the reservations, etc. If 4-5 outings are too much, cut back to what’s good for the group. Have Fun!!


  • Couples who like to wine taste, golf, go ballroom dancing, hear live music, etc.
  • Single girls who like the beach, line dancing, pottery, art, live music, etc.
  • Older couples, who like to site-see, try new restaurants; go to church group outings, pot luck dinners, bingo, etc.
  • Single guys never have a problem getting together so enough said…

I hope these “Top 10 Things to do this Spring and Summer” give you some ideas of your own or make finding something to do a little easier. Have fun and stay safe at whatever you decide to do this year.

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