One Click of the Mouse Can Change Your Entire Life


Photo Credit: Patrick Reese

On Friday, February 10th 2006 I clicked my mouse and my entire life changed. I never thought that one click would change so much but it did. You see I grew up thinking I was supposed to sing for a living and the whole time was always doing something else. I joined the Marine Corps out of High School and became a Marine, then became a Marine Musician. I even sang while I was enlisted in the Corps but something inside me kept telling me I was supposed to do something bigger. That click was me joining an internet dating site and meeting my now husband who encouraged me to sing after hearing me while we were on a date at a ‘going away’ party for one of his work associates. My life is so different now, the changes really started a little over a year after we met when I started my first band.

You don’t think that one small thing can change your entire life, well think again. The accomplishments I have had and the blessings I have received over the last few years have been enormous. If not for that click, I would still be doing the same job, sitting at the same desk, working with mostly the same people (who I love too BTW). But, I would not be living the life that best suits me and my personality and dreams. Are you living the live that best suits you? If not, make some changes. The changes are hard, I mean real hard but if you are doing what makes you complete then no matter the hardship, you’ll make others happy around you because you will be happy. Just remember, no matter what your occupation in life (dream or not) you’ll always have some hardships, why not live through the hardships doing what makes you complete?

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