It's Crazy But Worth It !!

What a crazy last couple days. I can’t wait to write a book, I’m serious. I can’t wait to put all of this down on paper. I’m going to have so much fun remembering, if that’s possible, all of the things that has gotten me from point A to point B to Point C and so on. It’s been a crazy ride so far but I think I get some thrill out of it. In the beginning, when that crazy Mike Jones said the magic words to me and got me motivated about a singing career, people looked at both of us like we were crazy when we said we wanted to go “all the way”, now “all the way” doesn’t seem that far away anymore. We’ve still got a long road ahead but for what we’ve been through so far, I’m stupid ready for whatever is ahead. We’ve given up a lot, I mean given up ‘stuff'. For example, before the singing career we took four vacations a year, now we’re lucky if we get one and went two solid years without a vacation at all and that’s just an example. I could go on but then you wouldn’t order the book now would you? And not just a book about my story, a book about the music industry which I think would sell a million. The things we’ve learned – it’s crazy. You have to know what to do, what not to do, how to smell red flags a mile away, what to sign, what not to sign and basic rules on when to kick someone’s “behind” and when to shut-up and leave it along….lol just kidding about the backside kicking. But really, there are rules to the music industry just like any other industry. Learning the ropes is part of the business. Anyway, back to my original statement “crazy last couple days”. It’s so awesome when your hard work that you’ve been doing for so long with no or little pay actually starts to pay off. I can’t explain that feeling to you if you’ve never had it. It’s like winning the lottery but better because you paid for it with your late and sometimes sleepless nights, 2am discussions about what’s next and how to make it happen, hearing rumors about yourself that are made up stories, working two jobs and not being able to hold your head up during the day, and time away from your family all to experience the end result and celebrate in it with the people you love. It’s all going to be worth it and I wouldn’t trade any of what all I just mentioned for anything in the world. All you’ve got when you move on is your story and I want mine to be a good one.

Lots of love and have a great weekend.

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  • avesta
    Go for it Tammie!!! I will definately buy that book!!! Love ya girl!!

    Go for it Tammie!!! I will definately buy that book!!! Love ya girl!!

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