How Come I Haven't Always Known This?

 Why doesn't life come with a manual?  I mean really, I'd like to be able to have known the things I know now when I was a teenager.  It really should be electrontic so that you can just google up the answer, not a computer where everything else gets in your way and distracts you.  This electrontic devise would only have the "right" answers in it and no crappy ones.  I'm really beginning to understand life a lot more especially within the last three years.  I've been fortunate enough to come accross some people who said a few things to me and pointed me in the direction of understanding 'why' things happen.  You see, I believe everything happens for a reason.  I didn't used to believe that, matter a fact I couldn't handle any 'bad' thing that came my way without acting as if I just came from an insane asylum.  I now experience moments when things are going "wrong" or what I think is wrong and it's all there right in front of my face how "right" it really is.  Sometimes you can't see the door for the smoke but if you stop and stay still for a minute the smoke clears and Wow, there's the freaking door.  Happens everytime.  About six months ago I went to the hospital to see a friend and pulled into the parking building. Just as I did, my truck started smoking like crazy.  I didn't panic but immediately drove to the exit and got out of the building as fast as I could.  I thought my truck was overheating so I stopped in the middle of the road and put it in park and turned off the ignition switch.  People were looking and having to go around but I just sat there, calm and collected as I phoned my husband.  He, of course, was at work and couldn't come to my rescue and the other person that usualy comes to my rescue was in the hospital so I just sat there for a few mintues letting the cars pass by and look at me.  After a minute or so I thought if maybe I could make it to the gas station which was about 500 yards then I could figure out what to do there.  So I cranked it up hoping it didn't blow up and drove as fast as I could to the BP Station next to Forsyth Medical Center.  I no more that drove up to the pumps and two guys came out of nowhere and as if they already knew I was having trouble, they said "Pop the hood".  Wow, where did they come from I thought, but didn't question anything and just popped the hood.  They had just the right items in their truck to hook up my heater hose and I was able to get my truck over to the mechanic so it could get fixed.  I'm still baffled as to how it all happened but think abouit it.  If I had not been calm and stopped to think about the problem, I would have not been at that gas station at the same time as those two guys who are Heros by the way.  I gave them CDs as a thank you cause I didn't have any cash on me to show my appreciation. They had no idea who I was so they didn't stop because they knew who I was, they stopped because they're just nice guys and didn't even ask for my phone So the next time everything seems to be going wrong, just stop and think, pause, be calm and the answer will present itself.  The problem is most people jump to decisions before the right one comes along.  I've learned otherwise and am thankful to the people in my path that have given me that insight. Have a great weekend and hope you have magic in your life everyday.  TD

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