Another Crazy Week Ahead

Mondays are always crazy because I have to try and figure out how to fit everything into the next five days.  This week I have sponsor meetings, planning sessions, rehearsals, and two gigs.  I'm also working on getting the newsletter out this week too, so needless to say I'm gonna need some off time around Saturday.  It's also my mother's birthday this week, Happy Birthday Mama!  My family still lives in Lincolnton and I try and go there as much as I can to see them.  We'll probably head down this weekend to celebrate Mother's and my sister's birthday at the same time, I love dual purpose    Oh, stop by the blog later this week, I hope to have my new Short Ribs recipe posted.  I recently discovered a BBQ sauce that is out of this world and will debut that sauce and the way I fix Short Ribs, which I had never fixed before a week ago.  Anyway, you are gonna love them if you love beef ribs.  Lots to do this week just to keep up and I'm fixing short ribs, go figure....  Hope to see you all at a show this week if you are in the local area.  By-the-way, I'm coming to Kansas in October and hope to see some new faces there.  We were able to book the National Anthem at the ARCA race at the Kansas Motor Speedway with the help of a new Nashville contact which we have not announced yet.  So keep your pants on cause we're ready to roll. 

Lots of Love,

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