My Uncle Bob’s Experience

Well I’ve been waiting sometime now to be able to tell this story so here it is….

A few months back, I received a FB message from Bobby Plowman, owner of Uncle Bob’s Foods, LLC about him being interested in a sponsorship agreement with me. Bobby had heard my song "Tall Dark and Lonesome" on the Radio (WKML 95.7 Fayetteville, NC), that's what made him contact me. I took his email like most of the emails I get, with a grain of salt, and emailed him back and told him when I was available to meet him.  One thing I've learned in the music business is to NEVER blow someone off, it doesn't matter who they are or if you think they are crazy or not. Come to find out that Bobby was serious and as things worked out and the deal was made, I am now partnered with Uncle Bob’s Foods, LLC under a sponsorship/co-marketing agreement….but aLOT happened to make that actually work out.  For one, I personally can not promote ANYTHING that I don’t like so when Bobby and I met for the first time, he gave me some ‘grillin & dippin” sauce to take home and try.  I then also handed it out to my friends, other sponsors, fans at the shows, family, etc. and told them to get back to me on if they liked it.  I’ve never been a BBQ lover.  I don’t know why, I’ve just never was in love with BBQ.  In the past, I would eat BBQ and even cook it from time-to-time but never really liked it that much - I’d rather eat a hotdog than have a BBQ sandwich or plate. 

When Bobby gave me the sauce, we had a few cases of it here at the house so I was able to cook with it on several different types of meat.  From the very first taste I was hooked.  I immediately threw out all the BBQ sauce in my fridge because now there is no other kind of sauce in my book.  I became a huge fan of Uncle Bob’s and my family loves it too. Everyone that I’ve given the sauce to for testing, LOVE it.  I now plan meals using Uncle Bob’s Grillin & Dippin’ Sauce and I’ve never planned meals around a specific product before.  We use it on Chicken, Beef, Pork and Seafood.  It’s great a tons of stuff.  I’ll let you know when the recipes are posted to the website.  All the locations are posted to the Uncle Bob’s Website to let you know where you can purchase Uncle Bob’s.  Right now, it’s not available nationally but with a taste like this, it won’t be long.  To see some comsumer reviews click here.  
Have a great week!!
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