Press Forward With Your Plan - Personal Goal Setting

I had somebody ask me today what I had in the plans for 2012 and what was coming up that was big news.  I have to say that I always have things in the plans.  The plan might change several times but eventually something will pop out of the bag.  Someone told me recently that you need to have ten irons in the fire before something will get hot and I truly believe that.  I’ve also learned that over the last three and a half years of being in the music industry to not ‘tell all’.  Sometimes it’s hard not to burst out and tell everybody what you are working on but I’ve also learned to make sure you have your “T’s” crossed and your “I’s” dotted before you go running your mouth because nine out of ten times, you’ll have to retract what you said and give some sort of explanation as to why something didn’t happen.  Fact is – “that’s the music business” and it always happens and it happens to everybody.  It’s how you handle it that is what matters.

I also had someone give me some great ideas today and I think I’ll give some thought to them.  That’s so cool because if you listen to other people talk, you can get some of the coolest ideas and they don’t even know that they are giving them to you.  Stop listening to yourself talk and listen to others.  Are you ever in a conversation with someone and you can tell that they aren’t hearing a word you are saying?  That’s sort of rude on their behalf but that’s how a lot of people are and they don’t even know they are doing it.  With in the last four or five days I’ve had people say things to me and I had this “OMG” moment right then – Why didn’t I think of that before? 

The other thing is actually acting on your idea even if you think you don’t have the means to pull it off.  “The way” will come if you just pursue it.  Most folks don’t believe that because they grew up with their folks telling them that “that’s not possible” or “you better be made of money if you plan on doing that” or something to that nature.  You may have had a parent or someone in your life growing up that told you those things.  Well I’m here to tell you “That’s Bullshit!!”  (Excuse the French) but it most certainly is a load of crap and - Did their folks tell them the same thing?  My lord, why didn’t somebody tell them differently?  Thank God somebody came along in my life about four years ago that informed me that “It doesn’t work that way”.   Now I can actually do something with my life and talents without having this thing hanging over my head telling me that “I can’t”.

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  • Shirley Goines
    Shirley Goines
    You are so inspirational and down to earth with a voice that the whole world needs to hear and WILL.

    You are so inspirational and down to earth with a voice
    that the whole world needs to hear and WILL.

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