New YouTube Show "Tammie Talk"


I'm so excited about my new YouTube show called "Tammie Talk" about people, places and things especially those that I love.  The first episode was posted to YouTube this past week.  To see future episodes as they are posted, please go to my YouTube Channel and subscribe. We will also try and include links to each new episode in the newsletters so you can share with your friends.  We'll be working on a website page for 'Tammie Talk' to list epsiodes, gather feedback, post comments, and possibily a submittal form for you to send in your ideas. We just purchased and will be working on setting that up over the next few months.  I expect to improve the show considerably over a short period of time and can't wait to do the next episode. - TD

Episode 1 - Consignments, Antiques & Bargain Shopping

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