Kansas Speedway Oct 7 ARCA Race

I hate early mornings but this one was so worth getting up at 3:30am.  Friday, Oct 7th, Rocky picked me up at 5am so I could catch a flight to Kansas City from Charlotte.  I slept the first leg into Chicago then caught a flight into Kansas City and got there around 11:30am.  The car service picked me up at the airport and BTW, awesome car service if you are ever in Kansas City and need one, call my friend, Ben at Ben's Transportation Service at 816-507-2821.  Not that expensive and fabulous car and service.  Taxis tend to drive you around in circles to get more money so you’re better off getting a car service to pick you up and take you from place to place. Ok, back to the weekend….Ben was great and took me to the hotel.  I was able to relax for a few hours, eat and get ready to go sing the Anthem.   I was greeted at the speedway by Tom Venturini of Venturini Motorsports and the rest was absolute history.  I sang the National Anthem for my largest crowd ever, 46,500 race fans.  The anthem wasn’t televised (there was a 50/50 chance) but singing for that many people was absolutely awesome.  It was ARCAs first night race and a very successful one at that.  As I walked up on the stage to sing, I wasn’t nervous.  Usually I am nervous at these type events but as the Pastor was giving the prayer, I felt my heart start to beat really hard as if it wanted to jump out of my chest.  I took a few deep breaths to calm myself then I saw the “queue” from the lady at the foot of the stage telling me to sing.  I don’t think I’ve ever sang the anthem with that much feeling and emotion before.  The sound soared through the speedway stadium.  I’ve never been more excited singing at an event than I was that very moment at the ending phrases of the anthem my heart was filled with honor and joy.  I came down from the stage and was greeted by some awesome folks and some picture taking.  I went back to the trailer briefly then back to pit road where I found Tom once again.  He got me a seat on the pit box of the #55 car driven by Alex Bowman.  I had never sat on a pit box before which was pretty exciting.  I was able to listen in on the driver’s conversations with the crew chief which made it even more exciting.  The 55 car wasn’t doing so hot but the crew chief’s strategy was about to pay off.   Alex came in during a caution late in the race and they hooked him up with four tires which allowed him to drive to his second victory, which is a huge deal since he’s only had two races in the ARCA series and he also won his first race!  What an accomplishment to have won both races as a starter.  Plus I was sitting on the pit box of the winning car!! Very exciting for everyone! I’m grateful to the Venturini Family who treated me so awesome and gave me the opportunity to be apart of such a great event. Check out the press release about Alex’s win at Kansas City.  Thank you to ARCA.com for the press release about me prior to the race and much gratitude to everyone involved in me being there.  Read my note about the flight back on my Facebook page by clicking here, another heart pounding event.  Thanks to all my fans and friends here at home that were hoping to see me on TV singing the Anthem.  No worries, you’ll get to see it because we’ve just got started.

Lots of Love,


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