It Breaks My Heart

 I get really sad when I read about missing babies or abused children.  It breaks my heart to think that people can actually do these types of things.  What’s wrong with people?  Are they missing part of their brain – the part that tells you to protect the innocent?  Sorry, but that should be a natural feeling and way of living.  I was looking at some pictures on Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes Radio Face book page and saw a picture of a little girl who is missing in Kansas City.  That sparked my interest because I was just there little more than a month ago singing the anthem at the speedway so I looked her up.  Her name is Lisa Irwin, little bitty girl – I’m talkin’ she just turned 10 months old when she went missing in October of this year. After reading some of the articles about the case I get a strange feeling that the family is not telling the police everything.  It’s so sad but in a lot of these kinds of cases, the family or parents aren’t taking good care of the kids so the police start looking at the family for answers.  As I was researching little Lisa, I ran across a little boy named Tyler Dasher who’s mother beat him to dead at the age of one year.  She has confessed to the police that she became angry and beat her son because he wouldn’t stop crying. How sad that is that not only is her son dead by her own hand, she has to live with that for the rest of her life.  I remember back when my baby was a baby and how I would watch her sleep.  I would have stayed up all night if that meant her feeling safe and comfortable.  I can’t imagine any parent being any different with their children.  It breaks my heart to know different.

Love your children and have a great day!

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