Getting Away is sometimes good for the Mind

 I was able to get away for a day this week and that's sometimes really great for the mind, and another thing about me, I love to drive.  I don't know what it is about driving but I've always loved it.  It clears my mind and I can put things into perspective.  I realized a lot over the last day or so.  Things are more clear than ever and that's something that I can't say about the last three years.  Chasing your dream to do what makes you happy is hard, no I mean HARD.  A lot of the time all you run into are brick walls and I'm getting really good at pickin' my tools to bust them down but that just means that I'm learning as I go.  Surround youself with people that believe in you and you'll be so shocked at what you can do.  I'm not doing this all by myself, believe me I'm no superwoman.  I've got a great circle of support and I thank God every single day because I know I'm on the right path to whatever awaits me.  If you find yourself in a place that doesn't make you happy, take a look at what you did to get there and start doing the oppisite of that and see what happens.  Most important, I try and laugh about something everyday and stay in good spirits no matter what happens.  Expect more songs to come out of me cause I'm so excited about opportunities that are popping up and I'm ready to move forward in whatever direction presents itself.  Have a great weekend and I hope to see you all very soon.
Lots of Love,

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