Deep Into February and Marching On!

Wow, this year is getting off to a crazy start.  It's all good and I'm so blessed to have you here with me.  Announcement coming soon regarding a sponsor for 2012 which we are very excited about.  There are lots of opportunities being pushed my way so far this year but ya'll please keep me in your prayers because I need strength to make the right decisions moving forward.  The show at Ziggy's is coming up on March 2nd and that's going to be a great night then I'm right back there the next night for the Memorial of Noel Livengood on March 3rd.  We are working on the single and I'll have some updates for you real soon about the song release, etc.  I'll be in Nashville next week on business, probably a quick trip so I may not have time to visit but I'll certainly try for all my Nashville friends and associates. 

Last weekend was so much fun at Daytona with Venturini Motorsports.  if you haven't seen my "Tammie Talk" Episodes, you can click on "
Tammie Talk" on this site or go to my YouTube channel by going to the "contact" page here on the webiste as well. Episode #3 was shot at Venturini Motorsports in Concord, NC. You can tell your friends how to view simply by saying "Go to" which is up and running now.  More new music coming this year so please tell your friends to sign up for the newsletter and of course they will be the first to receive the news about the new album, song releases, radio tours, new merchandise, etc.  It's an awesome time and it's a lot of work but I'm loving every day of it.  I also have to say that I loved making cupcakes with my daughter last night, so much fun... that girl.  You can see the finished product in the picture.

Lots of love you to and yours, Tammie  
(P.S. These were Oreo Cupcakes by-the-way - very good from what I hear her history class had to say.)

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