Scamming Debt Collection Companies – I.E. Capital Management

Just some helpful information for those of you getting scamming phone calls from a company by the name of Capital Management (877) 335-6861. I personally was getting phone calls and they wouldn’t give me any information about why they were calling. DO NOT GIVE these people your social security number. I’ve been receiving calls since January so I finally took the time to file a complaint with the FTC and then I called them and told them that I filed a complaint with the FTC. You know how fast it took him to take my phone number out of the system??? About 10 seconds. Here’s the link to the FTC website to file complaints on these type of companies. Remember, legitimate debt collection companies will send you something in the mail without you giving your information like your SSN over the phone. They supposedly already have your information so tell them to send it to you in the mail. If they don’t and they keep calling then file a complaint. Works like a charm because they know they are scamming people and don’t want to get caught.

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Here’s another link to an online article about this company.


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